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Maldive Islands is well known for it's marvelous reefs and marine life. During the past, when Maldives started growing as the second to none tropical tourist destination, only a few took interest in surfing holidays in this archipelago. During the last few years, the travelers to these islands have discovered the art of surfing, for the energetic Holiday makers. 


Due to the islands geographical distribution, only a few, mainly 7, surf breaks is commonly sited near to the airport. There are other surfing spots through out the country, but due to the geographical distribution of the islands and for the reason that most of the resort island have been developed near the airport and capital, Male' has left the other, more further away surf points, untouched in Southern atolls. 
The resorts Lohifushi and Club Med Kani are the most well known resorts among the surfers. These three  resort islands offer boat rides to the surf breaks in the morning and afternoon. The surf points, as seen from the surf map, can be reached within 10 to 30 minutes by boat. 
You will need to take everything you require. Surfboards are not usually available for rent at the resorts. Although it may be difficult to transport, ideally it is best to be equipped with an assortment to suit various conditions. An all-round fun board as well as a longer 610 - 74 would be the best combination. The water is warm at around 27 degrees C (80 degrees F) through out the year. For protection from the sun, it is advisable to wear a long-sleeve rash guard or vest.

Surf Season

The best season for Surfing is determined to a large extent by the monsoon circulation. Each year there are two monsoons seasons, the north-east monsoon, ( local term, "Iruvai" ) from December to April and the south west monsoon, ( local term, "Hulhangu" ) from May to October. The prevailing winds which can become quite strong, are from the SW-W-WN during the south-west monsoon, Hulhangu and N-NE-E during the north-east monsoon.

December - April /  NE Monsoon, Iruvai - Good weather for tourists
April Transition Period
May - November / SW Monsoon, Hulhangu - Good for surfers
November Transition Period

Surf Live-aboards

Due to location of the dive sites it is not viable to surf all the spots staying in one island resort. Surfers now make use of live-aboards to surf the different spots found on North and South Male' atoll. This will be new experience for the surfers and have the chance of surfing as many spots as one likes.
The vessels used a usually smaller vessels of upto 8 or 10 pax. The vessels are available on charter and fullboard meal plan, mineral water. During the evenings the surfers can come down to a resort to have a drink or have game of snooker. This option is less costly if you are coming with a group.