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Live-aboard in Maldives

Live-aboards offers you the best of both worlds. The chance to see many of the 1,200 beautiful islands of the Maldives, and the opportunity to experience firsthand some of the world's greatest dive sites. Many people believe that a liveaboard cruise is the best way of really appreciating the unique beauty of the Maldives, 99% of which is water. Liveaboard operators offer you several possibilities. You may choose between a diving safari and a relaxing cruise through the atolls, which lets you be in total harmony with nature as your boat winds its way through the multitude of islands.   
Most of the vessels are equipped with professional diving equipment and staffed by qualified diving instructors. While some vessels offer standard accommodation and facilities, others offer luxury accommodation with all the modern amenities.  
A safari makes it possible for you to sample many varied dive sites at different atolls and locations and present you with the chance to sample island life, visit virgin uninhabited islands and appreciate the unique beauty of different resort islands.
Life on board follows the rhythm of the sun; what with diving, snorkeling, visits to local villages and walks on desert islands, there will be no time to get bored, and the days will pass pleasantly. 

Confirmed scuba divers will be in the water constantly, while those who love to relax will be lying lazily on the bridge, perhaps reading a good book. Everyone enjoys the bright and colorful sunsets, perhaps with a long cool drink.  
In the evenings, perhaps if you are in the mood, get off at a resort close by and enjoy a drink or two at the bar, or get a break from the relaxation of the day by taking part in the disco. On the other hand it could be a fire-lit barbecue on the beach of a desert island, under the stars, or enjoying local music at a fishing village.  
And then, itís the end of another memorable day in paradise and off to sleep, to wake up anew, to more of the same dream.S



Updated: September 29, 2006

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