How to choose & book your holiday

Use our online recommendation engine to filter and shortlist

If you already know the name of the resort or hotel that you want to book you can go to the A-Z List to get an instant-quote and book. You can read our terms of booking and cancellation policy at

Choosing a Resort island / Hotel or a Live-aboard ...

To help you quickly get familiar with the long list of resorts....

  • We have arranged the resorts in Alphabetical Order and categorized the resorts into Atolls on which they are located. Resorts with night transfers can also checked with this table.
  • The Clickable Resort Map shows the actual locations of the islands in Male' atoll and Ari atoll. You can click on them to get more information on a particular resort.
  • Recommendation engine is a search engine getting it's data from fact files for the resorts / hotels. Clients can use this engine to search and filter the resorts by location, price, distance, size, facilities etc.
  • Instant Quotes and Availability - You can use this website to get instant quotes for all resorts / hotels and live-aboard listed on this website.

We will be continuously revising our list of resorts. The live-aboard listed are mostly available for charter and a few other larger vessels which operate on a regular weekly route. Individuals can join the larger vessels any time they want to. The vessels are suitable for fishing, leisure and diving safaris. These vessels are an excellent choice for dive groups.
If you have questions please have a look at the FAQ's pages. 

Price check / Rate Quotes...

  • Each of the resort page will have a link to either the 'Instant quote form' or to the 'Instant Availability and Quote form'.
    The 'Instant quote form' comes customized for each resort, and is very easy to use. You will only have to feed-in the arrival and departure dates, room type, meal plan, transfer type and it will instantly get back to with a detailed quotation. Any government taxes are all included in your quote.
    'Instant Availability and Quote form' is a similar form but is also linked to a real-time reservation system for Maldives resorts managed by With this form you will also receive 'Availability information' with the quotation for the room type that you requested.

Room Availability ...

  • Maldives has on of the fastest growing travel industry in this region. Due to this it has become very difficult to get rooms during peak period. We have over 80 resort islands and a number of small  and large live-aboard. The busiest periods are Christmas and New year period, Month of  August and October. The earlier you book your accommodation the better.

  • For most of the resort listed on this website you will now be able to get 'Instant Availability information' with the quotation. For other resorts we will have to check availability manually on request.

Deposits and Payment ...

  • Your Deposit :

    • If you have more than 60 days from your arrival date at the time confirmation of reservation we will charge a non-refundable deposit of 5% of the quoted value (minimum 30.00 on quoted currency) upon confirmation and we will request the balance amount when it is 60 days to your arrival.

  • Full Payment :

    • We will request for the full payment when it is 60 days to your arrival. If your reservation was confirmed within 60 days to your arrival we will request for the full amount at the time of confirmation. There may be certain times when we may requested the full payment more 60 days to arrival due to peak periods and Supplier requests.

    • You can pay with your credit card and we accept American Express, Visa or Master card. We also accept bank to bank wire transfers, MoneyGram or Western-Union money transfers. We will send you specific instructions upon confirmation of your reservation. Due to security measures imposed by our bankers we do require by fax or email a signed authorization, clear credit card copy (both sides) and passport copy of the card holder.  

    • In case you cancel your reservation we'll refund you the payment less the cancellation charges if any as per our Cancellation Policy. Please read our booking and cancellation policy at before you book.

Booking your holiday ...

  • All resorts listed on this website will now have an 'Instant Quote Form'. You can use this form to do the costing for your holiday. The quotes covers basically accommodation charges, transfer charges, and taxes. For most resorts we have also managed to get you 'Instant Availability Information' with the quotation.
    You can send your 'Reservation' or 'Query' request after you receive your quote from this form. For all reservation requests you will immediately receive a 'Reservation number' online.
  • For resorts that you find availability your reservation is confirmed online and for others we will respond to you within 24hours.

  • Once your reservation is confirmed with us, you can view your reservation details and print your voucher online at will be able to print the voucher only when all the details like the flight details are complete. You can print the voucher and bring along with you when you arrive at the resort.

  • Please read the Terms and Conditions of your booking with us.

Special requests ...

  • When you fill the preliminary reservation form, please mention any special requests (such as special meals, etc.). We thrive to meet your requirements as much as possible. We will let you know before we confirm if the request can be arranged.

Group bookings ...

  • We offer discounts depending on the resort for group bookings of 10 or more; particularly for the live-aboard. Please mention this in your booking request. We will inform you if you are awarded a group discount.

Late Bookings ...

  • We can arrange your holiday even with only 24 hour notice depending on the resort and transfer availability. We recommend the client to call us for very late bookings. If you have no time to call us before you arrive, just ring us  when you arrive the airport.

  • Many tour operators has had the advantage of having all or a great percentage of  beds secured on an allotment basis ( the rooms remain reserved for them till a certain time period is due to the arrival date). Most of the time the resorts will decline early reservations by individual for peak periods like the Winter. But unfortunately these tour operators some times are unable to fill the rooms reserved for them  when the time period expires. Since we locally operate we are in a position to negotiate quickly and reserve these rooms for our clients who have wait listed or want to make a last minute reservation during these peak periods.

We hope that you have gathered enough information regarding booking with us and if you still have any questions that we have not covered, please contact us