General Booking Terms , Conditions and Cancellation Policy

Impex Holidays Maldives

These conditions set out the terms of your booking with us. They must be read in conjunction with the information and advice, itineraries, rates, supplements offered by us with every reservation being made with us and any package holiday we provide. These do not effect your statutory rights. Any variations shall be communicated to clients prior to confirmation of bookings.
We recommend all parties to print and store a copy of this policy and copies of all bookings confirmations and transactions for future use.

1.0 - Instant Quotations and Surcharges :
    1.1 - Our quotations are either based on All-inclusive (limited or club-style), full board , half board or bedbreakfast and transfers are based on one way and return. Since the instant quotes received by you during the booking process are computor generated and there are posibilities of errors, we undertake to inform you a new corrected quote before the final confirmation of the booking or within 48 hours of the booking request. We have the right to cancel the booking if you refuse to accept the corrected quote.

    1.2 - If there are fluctuations of prices due to government action it may be necessary to make surcharges.
2.0 - Your rights if we cancel :
    2.1 - We undertake to inform you without delay if we cancel your reservation and will offer you an alternative of at least a comparable standard (if one is available) or a full refund of the deposit within 21 days.
    2.2 - We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your accommodation is available on your arrival, but if it is overbooked and this is known to us before your check-in date, we will inform you and offer you alternative of at least comparable standard (if available) or a full refund of the payment.
    2.3 - If we are unaware of over booking before your arrival, then you will be offered reasonable compensation for disturbance if the alternative is inferior to the accommodation originally booked.
3.0 - Our liability to you :
    3.1 - We accept responsibility to you for ensuring that the services on any inclusive tour which you book with us, will be provided to are of reasonable standard. If such a service are markedly deficient or not of such a standard, then you will be appropriately compensated, subject to the exclusions.
4.0 - Personal injury :
    4.1 - We accept responsibility for the negligent acts and omissions of our employees, while acting within the scope of/or in the course of their employment in respect of claims arising as a result of the death, bodily injury or illness of the client.
5.0 - Client service :
    5.1 - If you have complaint about the services provided by us, please make it known as soon as you can, either to the management of the accommodation, the guide or direct to us. If the problem cannot be resolved satisfactorily please provide the fullest details at your earliest. Every effort will be made to arrive at fair and satisfactory conclusion.
6.0 - Deposit :
    6.1 - We charge a non-refundable deposit of 5% of the total quoted value and minimum 30.00 (on quoted currency) per reservation once the booking is confirmed. We will charge this to your credit card given at the time of booking and this amount will be deducted from your total amount.

    6.2 - We take 50% of the total amount as a deposit for groups of 10 and above at the time booking confirmation if the arrival is not within 90 days of the arrival date.
7.0 - Payment :
    7.1 - We will charge the full or the balance payment 60 days before your arrival date. We may require full payment more than 60 days before arrival for bookings for certain peak periods and on Supplier request. You will be informed of this at the time of booking confirmation or a later date.

    7.2 - We accept Visa Card, Master Cards and American Express. You can either pay with your Credit Card or you can Wire Transfer the total amount to our account.

    7.3 - For bookings made less than 60 days of arrival, the full payment should be made immediately.

    7.4 - If you cancel your reservation, your payment is subject to cancellation charges if any as per clause 8.0

    7.5 - For credit card payments we will require a written authorzation with the card holders signature along a clear copy of the credit card (both sides) and the passport copy. The card holder should be one of the travellers.

8.0 - Cancellation by you :
    8.1 - We will accept cancellation of a confirmed booking sent to us in writing either by email or fax. Such a cancellation is effective on the day received by us. If a cancellation request is received during our off-hours or during a week-end, we will regard the cancellation received date as the next working day. The guest should ensure that they receive an acknowledgment of the cancellation from us.

    Table 1.0 below show the 'general' seasons, typical deadlines during these periods and typical cancellation charges. This will vary with each property you book and the exact cancellation deadlines and charges are show at the time of booking.

    8.2 - Any change to the arrival or departure date for any reason within the cancellation period will be considered as a cancellation.

    8.3 - Short-stays and early check-out will be regarded as cancellation.

    8.4 - Failing to show-up on the booked date or delayed check-in with out any prior notice (no-show) will be considered as a cancellation.
Table: 1.0 - Typical cancellation charges.
Exact charges viewable at the time of booking on the quote page.


Effective Dates

Cancellations or Date changes
received less than

Cancellation Charge

Peak Season Check-in between
15 DEC - 20 JAN
90 days from the
arrival date.
100% of the accommodation charges for the full stay on booked meal plan.
High Season Check-in between
21 JAN - 31 APR
15 JLY - 15 SEP
90 days from the
arrival date.
10 % of the total amount quoted.
45 days from the
arrival date
50% of the accommodation charges for the full stay on booked meal plan.
30 days from the
arrival date and No shows
100% of the accommodation charges for the full stay on booked meal plan and one way transfer charges.
Low Season Check-in between
01 MAY - 14 JLY
16 SEP - 14 DEC
90 days from the
arrival date.
10 % of the total amount quoted.
21 days from the arrival date 50% of the accommodation charges for the full stay.
14 days from the arrival date and No shows 100% of the accommodation charges for the full stay on booked meal plan and one way transfer charges.
Note: The resorts in Maldives has very strict cancellation policies and they strongly adhere to it.  The cancellation charges differ from resort to resort. If the client logs a cancellation due to circumstances beyond their control, we will try our utmost on behalf of the client to keep the cancellation charges to a minimum; however, we cannot guarantee any reductions in charges unless the resort confirms us the same in writing. The efforts we make is out of courtesy and a gesture of goodwill and does not oblige us to bear any part of cancellation charges if any.

9.0 - Late bookings and go-shows :
    9.1 - We can accept booking requests as late as 12 hours before arrival.The client shall have the flights booked in prior for all latereservations. 9.1 - Clients who arrive with out any accommodation and transferarrangements can coordinate with our airport staff to arrange accommodation and payments for these bookings should besettled on the spot either in cash or credit card.
10.0 - Changes (booking amendments) by you :
    10.1 - If the changes include date changes and the no. of days left to the original check-in date fall within any date period as mentioned on Table 1.0, cancellation charge will apply as per the cancellation table 1.0

    10.2 - If the requested change in a confirmed booking and accepted by us, we reserve the right to charge an administration fee not exceeding USD 30.00 per booking, plus any extra charge resulting. In any other case, the request may be treated at our discretion, as a cancellation.
11.0 - Insurance :
    11.1 - You are earnestly recommended to ensure when making your reservation that you and your party are insured against all appropriate risk and include all the areas you intend to visit.
12.0 - Literature and Brochures :
    12.1 - We have taken every reasonable precaution to ensure that the information supplied by us is fair and correct when supplied, and the facilities are available as described for each resort or vessel. However as we do not own the accommodation, we exclude liability for subsequent alterations, the withdrawal and amendment of facilities (where due to climatic conditions, vandalizing or abuse, cleaning, repair or legal, regulatory, seasonal or local reasons).
13.0 - Third party exclusions :
    13.1 - The transportation and accommodation of clients are subject to International Conventions, which override any contract, expressed or implied between our clients and us. We cannot be held liable if any client is refused admission into Rep. of Maldives. The possession of valid passports, and/or other travel documents and their production with airline tickets and other vouchers at the proper time is the sole liability of the client. Liability for the failure of any client to observe the law of the Maldivian Government during the visit is excluded.
14.0 - Dietary requests :
    14.1- We would not be liable for the failure to meet the dietary requirements if it is not mentioned during bookings. If the hotel or resort is not able to cater to your request we undertake to inform you accordingly.
15.0 - Transfers :
    15.1- Transfer rates are subject to change due to increase in fuel prices. You agree to pay any additional surcharge or increase is transfer rate weather the booking has been previously paid or not.

    15.2- Maximum luggage allowance for Seaplane & Local Flights is 20 kg with 5 kg for hand luggage. You will be charged directly USD 2.00 per kg in for excess luggage. This rate is subject to change without notice.

    15.3- Seaplane Transfer for infants (0 - 1 years) is provided free of change provided that no seat is occupied.

    15.4- Full flight details or arrival information must be received by us 10 days prior to arrival date to guarantee all transfers with out delay.

    15.5- All transfers unless specified are 'combined' transfers. You may have to wait for transfers up to 2 hours or more.
    > 15.6- If transfers are not possible on arrival due to bad weather, an alternative accommodation will be arranged until a transfer is available and possible.

    15.7- If departure transfers are delayed or not possible due to bad weather and if it requires you to over-stay at the booked hotel or any other hotel, you will be charged for extra nights and meals. Room change may be required if the same room type is not possible.

    15.8- If departure transfers are delayed or not possible due to bad weather and if you miss your confirmed return international flight, you will need to bear any sur-charges / fees by your airline to change ticket dates, seating class, routes. (You can claim this from your insurance agent.)

16.0 - Check-in and Check-out :
    16.1- Official Check-in and Check-out time is shown on the 'policy' for each property.

    16.2- Early check-in and/or late-checkout has to be pre-booked and paid at the time of room booking.

    16.3- If early check-in and/or late-checkout has not been booked the guest has to pay this direct to the hotel or resort at the time of check-in or check-out at the publised rate.

We strongly urge everyone to read and agree with the terms and conditions before making any reservation with us.If you have any disagreement with the Booking Terms and Conditions, please contact us - en d -   This page was last updated on 27th July, 2008